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Kashmir has much to offer to the fashion industry using modern techniques of patterning, sizing etc.. In todays fashion world it has earned a very prestigious place and has become the exclusive part of the industry. There is always a demand for embroidered jackets in the domestic and as well as in the international market. The popularity of this product has already grabbed fame with glorious exclusive range embroidered on wool and silk material with particular taste of colour and embroidery patterns showing the traditional natural beauty of Kashmir.

Uniquely beautifully, embroidered with inspired creativity and impeccable craftsmanship, they will add great value to your wardrobe. Warm and elegant, these jackets are very popular among women all around the world

These Woolen Kashmiri Jackets are available in various colors and designs. These Jackets are made by hand. most of kashmiri womens are involved in this job. To complete the work one full embroidered jackets it takes nearly a month.The background Cloth is 100% wool and it has silk Lining by inside. Embroiderey is done by hand with Silk thread. These Jackets are washable both by Hand and machine, Hot water and cold water.

We have large stock of Cashmere Embroidered Jackets. These are light and warm. we also customize the order according to your design and sizes. These jackets are available in different sizes and length.